John Wayne Parr victorious by knockout at Bellator Kickboxing
John Wayne Parr / Pic: Wagner Mela via Instagram

Ahead of his next outing on December 9 in Italy, Australian Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr shares with the fans, what it feels to win by knockout. On Wednesday “The Gunslinger” posted a photo from his Bellator Kickboxing debut on his profiles in social media.

The picture shows Parr the moments after a spectacular win by knockout. The event took place in April in Turin, where he dropped local Nando Calzetta with a devastating kick to the head.

That “I just won by knockout” feeling

“I tell people that are not in the game it’s like the Quickening from Highlander when you win by KO,” Parr wrote in the caption. “Feels like lighting comes down from the sky and your whole body is energised for weeks straight after.”

“That feeling is so addictive and one of the reason many fighters find it hard to retire. Or they do retire and come back a few years later just to get that rush one more time.”

“I’m looking for another knockout December 9 in Italy. I’m coming to get my fix to finish 2017”.

Next month Parr battles out in Florence, where he faces the representative of the country-host Piergiulio Paolucci. The 74 kg bout is scheduled for three rounds, plus extra round in case of a draw.


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