Desire fueled by inspiration keeps the motivation alive & kicking

Carnage Diary: Motivation

The word motivation or motivated is something that you hear all too often when it comes to people feeling stuck between what there mind is saying and their heart is wanting

You can YouTube motivational videos all day long and sometimes still do not have enough motivation to get started. Or maybe you start, but soon after you find yourself stopping again, and can just not find that so called motivation to keep you going.

The word motivation is described as a something that makes you feel like going out and doing that thing you feel you want, and to be enthusiastic about it, giving it your all. I’m sure at some point you have all said the words “I’m just not motivated, I can’t seem to find the motivation to do that certain thing I feel I desire, or I just lost the motivation for it”.

What I have found about staying motivated, or even to start with being motivated, is the thing that you are wanting to stay motivated for, has to be something that has you inspired and connects with your passions. For example I will use my own personal experience with that.


So I was not motivated to become a world champion, or to even become a great Muay Thai fighter in the beginning. The key component here is when I say in the “beginning”. As after I had been taught a few things, I was inspired to become more than I could imagine. I had all the motivation I needed to drive that passion to a place where I then become, not only a multiple world champion, but an inspiration to others to chase their own dreams.

Along the journey there was certainly times where I wasn’t so motivated and didn’t want to train some days. I even remember I had felt at one point I’d completely lost the motivation to continue. But I do know “motivation” may come and go, but desire fueled by inspiration will keep the motivation alive and kicking.

Teach – Inspire – Motivate

After I retired from fighting I decided to teach. When I was thinking about a slogan, a logo and a reference point for people, I came up with three powerful words, and in the correct order. Teach, inspire, motivate.

As I was teaching seminars all around the world, I saw with my own eyes exactly how this order of words came to life. I would begin to teach, and I would start to see them light up. They all seemed to be feeling very inspired by this, which was leaving them all very motivated to get back to training the following week, to practice what they either just learnt or just to become a strong more powerful person.

When you are inspired by something or someone you will have far greater motivation to push forward and get what it is you desire. With discipline you can achieve all of your dreams. You can push through when motivation isn’t there, and continue on your journey without giving up of a lack of motivation.

Start getting inspired by something or someone. That will help drive your motivation to work hard for your dreams.

Motive is another way to feel motivated. What is your motive? Find it and go conquer it.