Jade Sirisompan, Muay Thai
Jade Sirisompan / Pic: via Instagram @nangfah_nakmuay

Jade ‘Nangfah Nakmuay’ Sirisompan

Manchester-born Thai-British Jade Sirisompan, 25, has been residing in Bangkok since the age of 14. With her image of ‘Nangfah Nakmuay’, which translates as Muay Thai Angel, she has been helping popularize the sport internationally. She has as well appeared in the square circle, collecting the 11-4-1 professional fight record.

“I was brought up around Muay Thai and started fighting at 18 years old,” says Sirisompan. “Muay Thai for women in Thailand is becoming more and more popular. When I first started it wasn’t so much, and there were a lot less places to fight. Now many promotions have begun even promoting all female fight cards.”

International and Thai Martial Art Games

Together with her father, Grand Master Woody, who is a President of Kru Muay Thai Association, World Muay Boran Federation and World Muaythai Organization, as well as the promoter of MBK Fight Night, Sirisompan manages Luktupfah muaythai camp in Bangkok. She is also a secretary for WMO. Their next event “International and Thai Martial Art Games” takes place in Bangkok next March.

“My father had been promoting World Muay Thai championships in Bangkok for over a decade now. First with IMTF and then WMF,” says Sirisompan.

“In the past few years he made his own organisation World Muaythai Organisation (WMO) and started again as the main organiser of the events. Two years ago he decided to add other Thai martial arts to the event, since IFMA has always given him trouble about hosting amateur World Muay Thai competitions. Therefore, my dad replaced the amateur category to Muay Boran, as well as adding Dap Thai (Thai sword), Mae Mai competitions, a female pageant, aerobics competition and more.

“The second year we hosted the event at the National stadium in the centre of Bangkok. It was a huge success, over 50 countries competed. The event is held every March 12-21.”

“Regarding our succession in the event, my dad was approached by other leading martial art organisations wanting to join his event. Next year, the International and Thai Martial Art Games and festival, with include Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Karate, no gi grappling, Brazilian Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, boxing, Jeetkwondo, as well as hosting seminars and a World Martial Arts summit.”

Talking her own role in the event, Sirisompan says she is there to help with the organisation, communication with the workers, teams and officials. “[I am a] secretary for my father and translator for many people.”

Muay Thai Angels

Quite often Jade Sirisompan has been seen at the events hosted by World Muaythai Angels. The organization promotes all-woman contest, featuring international athletes battling out in a single-elimination tournament.

When asked about her involvement in the project, Sirisompan reveals that “before they became ‘Muay Thai Angels’, they came to me when they were just an idea or concept”. “They had heard of me and wanted me to be part of their promotions and association.”

“Back then they had no name. I call myself ‘Nangfah Nakmuay’, translated to ‘Muay Thai Angel’. Later they named their organisation Muay Thai Angels.”

“They started off just as a promotion and their ideas were good. But their organisational skills [are] not so much.”

“Later they became a registered organisation, as their owner works closely to Thailand’s Sport Authority. Now [they are] working together in attempt to help promote Muay Thai in Thailand.”

“They do well in promoting all female fight cards and their different concepts. They bring in great female fighters to compete.”

“The owner is still in good relations with me although I don’t work closely with them. If they need me for a job and I think it is a good opportunity – I will take it. I have fought for them before and went to London with them to promote Muay Thai at the World Trade Market.”

Muay Thai, known as the “Art of Eight Limbs”, is the National sport of Thailand, with its history traced to the middle of the 18th century. In addition to male fighters, it has become popular among women as both a competitive sport and workout for fitness.