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UFC 221 in Perth, what to expect

UFC 221 Perth: what we know so far, what to anticipate

Ultimate Fighting Championships finally makes its debut here in Western Australia. UFC 221 takes place at Perth Arena on Sunday February 11.


First of all it is historic for WA to host an event of such caliber. So, hands down, get ready for a super show.

It is a must for UFC, as a business, to perform on the highest possible level, to make a successful start on a new territory. It just has to be a sensation. Saying that, the company already has a precedent in its resume.

UFC 193, featuring Ronda Rousey up against Holly Holm in 2015, was the first event the organization promoted in Melbourne. At the end of the year the reports outlined that it was the most attended gala in the history of the company, with 56,214 people filling the stadium.

Main event

The main event is not yet in place, with only a couple of bouts announced to date. To make it success here in Perth, the headline bout also has to be a blockbuster, sensation.

The representative of the country-host Robert Whittaker, who is the first in history UFC title holder from Australia, is expected to headline the show. However, there is a need of a “star”. An internationally renowned personality to drag the audience to the venue. And of course it is Georges St-Pierre whose name is known across the Globe.

GSP is a reigning middleweight champion, while Whittaker is the interim. It is though unclear whether the two will collide in the championship unification or not.

Nevertheless, UFC President Dana White made it clear that he will be “super pissed” if Georges St-Pierre “wants to drop the title”. So if it goes according to the core plan, the contract, St-Pierre and Whittaker will face one another. But, another thing nobody knows as yet, is where the bout will be held.

Thankfully there is also the one and only Mark Hunt. “The Super Samoan” is expected to be cleared by doctors in the US, and return to the Octagon in the near future.

K-1 kickboxing veteran is currently ranked number 5 in the heavyweight class. Therefore he appears well-credited for a title shot, with the most recent win against Derick Lewis in June. The reigning heavyweight champion is American Stipe Miocic, who is victorious over Hunt in May 2015.

Yes, the title clash is certainly another “must” for a super show.

Good morning WA

Presumably with “yes” to both aspects above – we have a super show with the top production, lights and sound… and the championship match up that governs the fight bill.

UFC 221 is expected to start at 7:00 am (UTC+08:00) local time. This is due to the time difference with the US. This tops up the list of “it just has to be a super show with a blockbuster main event”, so Perth crowd gathers at the arena early morning on a Sunday.

In summary, I believe UFC 221 will deliver the next level of entertainment for local audience, as well as showcase a high level of combat sports competition.

It is indeed a great addition to the list of things “what to do in Perth”. The city dubbed as arguably the most remote city in the World.


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