Be on guard to the gateway of your mind
Be on guard to the gateway of your mind / Nathan Corbett

Carnage Diary

A seed of the earth is no different to the seed of my mind, and in which I had planted them on the same occasion. I had planted both seeds without the realization of the totality, that one must be careful of what they plant.

A mindful seed will grow, as to a mindless seed will also grow, but the direction of where it may go will be different. We all have the power to plant seeds, but it’s never often that we consciously plant the seeds that we truly want, and most, if not all the time, we plant seeds of fear and doubt.

The earth will grow any seed that is planted deep enough and is feed enough of what it needs to grow. It may be a rose tree or could be a poisonous weed. Either way it will grow and grow until it is mistreated, uncared for, or ripped out of the soil to die. But like some weeds, they are not easy to kill once the roots have gotten into the soil of Mother Earth.

A human mind is of pure nature, and works very similar to Mother Earth. It will not judge the seed, but only feed it, as it was its own. The mind is like a women’s womb, a perfect place to grow new life and to keep it safe and warm until it has grown into all it was meant to be or not meant to be. Simply because the subconscious mind believes all things as truthful.

Imagine growing a beautiful tree that not only gives beauty to the eye, but provides shade from the sun and the rain. A tree that feeds us oxygen to breathe. It’s a wonderful thought and a powerful truth. It is what nature will do for us without thought.

Now imagine a different kind of seed that is planted in the playground of your mind. It’s a seed that is limitless to whatever you want it to be. It could be a dream, a passion, a desire, even a vision of all those things and it was a seed of limitless imagination.

Can you imagine the endless possibilities that seed could grow to. How much shade and oxygen it would provide for your mind, body and soul. It would be something spectacular.

While you are feeling the positive energy flowing through your mind after imagining what you last read, I want you to stop and realize that this probably isn’t you right now, and that the complete opposite is growing inside you. A seed you planted, and didn’t even begin to understand the danger, the power and damage behind it.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant” – Robert Louis Stevenson

We are so powerful, that we daily are planting seeds. To make it more clear to you, what that seed looks like – it’s a thought. Our daily thoughts, that are happening millions of times a day, and even continuing while we sleep. Some of them are conscious thoughts, and some subconscious. But they are happening.

It’s something we were not taught at school. To have the ability to control our thoughts, or even understand the damage of our thoughts, if not careful on what they are. So we must be on guard to the gateway of our minds, and start to stop the bad negative damaging thoughts, before they enter and start to manifest into a fear based life of doubts, insecurities and anxieties.

So, you see we are no different to Mother Earth. We are just more unconscious to the true nature of who we are. What we are – is a pure consciousness of unlimited thoughts, that can be one of good or bad.