Top Sangmorakot: Muay Thai training in Bangkok

Sangmorakot Muay Thai Gym Bangkok

When it comes to learning, one of the key elements is that the delivered knowledge is actually genuine. Here we talk about Muay Thai, which is the centuries-made martial arts out of Thailand. Therefore the logical conclusion is that those teaching you – are the authentic representatives of the “Art of Eight Limbs”.

Top Sangmorakot is a well-known personality in Thailand, as well as here in Australia. Residing in Perth for sometime, he had coached former World Champion Daniel “The Rock” Dawson for his fight against John Wayne Parr in 2016, as well as assisted international athlete from France Johane Beausejour, just to name a couple. He has also brought Misagh Norouzi to the professional level from scratch, as well as helped yours truly to earn several victories.

Currently in Thailand, Top is back to his home gym in Bangkok. Established sometime around two decades ago, Sangmorakot Muay Thai Academy is a training camp for the rising Thai stars, as well as for international competitors coming from Australia, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and other countries. It also works closely with the famed promotion “Thai Fight”.

The facility itself might not look that “flash and fancy”. However it is certainly dedicated to hard training, rather than “holiday inn”.

The gym address is 21 Wat Sitaram, Damrongrak Rd., Khlong Maha Nak, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok, 10100. There is also a new page on Facebook which provides more information and a set of photos.