Muay Thai Angels Season 2 Final
Muay Thai Angels: Superfour

World Muay Thai Angels: Super Four

Women’s contest Muay Thai Angels takes place at Sports Authority of Thailand in Bangkok, this Saturday December 16. The event is the final round of the single-elimination tournament at the 57 kg weight class.

The promotion finally announced the fight card of the upcoming show featuring two bouts. It appears that the happening is a “final selection” of two championship contenders other than finale.

The match ups feature the winner of WMA 2014 Thai Chommanee Sor Taehiran up against her Thai-fellow Namtarn Por Muengpetch. The latter was defeated by South African Yolanda Schmidt at the semi-final held in November.

“World Muaythai Angels Season 2, two close friends have to fight against each other between “Chommanee Sor Taehiran” and “Namtarn Por Muengpetch” to qualify to the final to fight against foreign fighter,” the promotion posted on Facebook on Thursday. “Get a chance to win 1 Million Baht and 1 Toyota Hilux-Revo pickup truck, on Saturday 16 December, 2017 From 18:30 at Plaza, Sports Authority of Thailand.”

Por Muengpetch reportedly fills in for Portuguese Maria Lobo, who withdrew from the contest due to partaking in another bout held also in December. Schmidt takes on American Natalie Morgan, who was defeated by Lobo, nevertheless again appears in the draw. The lineup can be found below.

Chommanee Sor Taehiran vs. Namtarn Por Muengpetch
Yolanda Schmidt vs. Natalie Morgan