Muay Thai Angels: Super Four – weigh-ins video


World Muay Thai Angels

The final round of the women’s contest Muay Thai Angels takes place at Sports Authority of Thailand in Bangkok, tonight, Saturday December 16. Subtitled as “Super Four” the event will select two fighters who will square off in the championship round next year.

The lineup of tonight’s show features two bouts. In one of the contests the winner of WMA 2014 Chommanee Sor Taehiran takes on her Thai-fellow Namtarn Por Muengpetch. In another bout, South African Yolanda Schmidt goes up against American Natalie Moran. The winners of these bouts are expected to face one another in the super finale.

World Muay Thai Angels is a single-elimination tournament at the 57 kg weight class. During the season the athletes battle out in a knockout system. The defeated fighter of each bout is immediately eliminated, while the winner advances closer to the final.

The official weigh-in ceremony was conducted on Friday. The promotion has shared the video report on its page on Facebook.

The Muay Thai Angels lineup can be found below. The fight card also includes a series of male bouts.

Chommanee Sor Taehiran vs. Namtarn Por Muengpetch
Yolanda Schmidt vs. Natalie Morgan