Muay Thai Angels results
Muay Thai Angels / Pic: Facebook

World Muay Thai Angels 2017 results

The final and championship rounds of Muay Thai Angels was held last night, Saturday December 16, at Sports Authority of Thailand in Bangkok. The event subtitled as “Super Four” featured two bouts live on Thai Rath Channel.

The roster included two representatives of the country-host Chommanee Sor Taehiran and Namtarn Por Muengpetch, American Natalie Morgan and South African Yolanda Schmidt. The latter earned two victories during one evening, consequently taking the tournament.

In the semi final Schmidt scored the decision against Morgan, advancing to the final, where she faced the winner of WMA 2014 Sor Taehiran, who defeated her Thai-fellow Por Muengpetch.

The championship bout also went the distance, with the South African fighter proclaimed as the winner by decision. The bout was also their second encounter, after the pair met at the 2015 IFMA Royal World Cup in Bangkok, where Schmidt, representing Australia, also took the decision.

World Muay Thai Angels is a single-elimination tournament at the 57 kg weight class. During the season the athletes battle out in a knockout system, where the defeated fighter of each bout is immediately eliminated, while the winner advances to the next round.