Top 3 head kick knockouts of the year – video

Top 3 Head Kick KOs in 2017

In addition to my own series Free Kicks to the Head, here is the Top 3 of this year 🔥👍👍 Read ➡️

Posted by Parviz Iskenderov on Thursday, December 28, 2017

Free kicks: Yohan Lidon, John Wayne Parr, Rade Opacic

When it comes to fighting sports, hands down, expect knockouts. In fact the hands must be up, otherwise this is what happens.

As a Muay Thai fighter, I have myself landed a few kicks. Well, this is one of those two beloved techniques, including the elbow-strikes.

This post is to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of what we have witnessed this year. Particularly, the A-list spectacular knockouts produced via head kicks.

My Top 3 includes two famed Muay Thai kickboxers French Yohan Lidon and Australian John Wayne Parr. A little known Serbian Rade Opacic governs the list.

The trio above have a solid run during 2017. So here is what happened.

No.3 Lidon vs. Kroger

French star Yohan Lidon headlined the fifth edition of VIP event Fight Night Saint Tropez, annually held on August 4. Making his third World Kickboxing Network super middleweight title defense, he went up against the German contender Florian Kroger.

The scheduled for five rounds bout ended in the fourth round, when the champion landed a spectacular right kick to the head. The knockout resembles Lidon’s victory against Karapet Karapetyan in 2016, when he scored l’Equipe 21 KO of the year, initially earning the WKN belt.

No. 2 Parr vs. Calzetta

This year Australian Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr made his debut at Bellator Kickboxing. Battling out in Turin on April 8, “The Gunslinger” faced Italian Nando Calzetta.

Parr dropped his opponent to the canvas with a right kick to the head one second before the end of round number two. Moreover, it was his first career victory by knockout with head kick.

No. 1 Opacic vs. Hutnik

The 19-year-old Serbian Rade Opacic was a complete underdog when he faced Czech World Champion Ondrej Hutnik on April 29 in Prague. The latter was making his 100 career fight, battling out in front of his home crowd. The pair headlined Simply the Best Kickboxing (Ep. 14), which started the third season of world series.

The non-title international clash was scheduled for three rounds, but ended half way through the first. It was all over when the guest out of Serbia heavily tagged his opponent with a right kick to the head.

What is the most spectacular knockout you have witnessed this passing year? You can drop a comment below.