Muay Thai training starts in Perth

Yesterday was my first day of training for 2018 here in Perth. Famed as one of Australia’s Muay Thai capitals, the city is also known for its relentlessly hot weather in summer.

It could not have been hotter for a Melbournian who is not used to more than a few hot days in a row. But as is always the case, when you’re training with good people it’s not so bad. Our team, with Misagh Norouzi and Parviz Iskenderov, got it done.

Muay Thai training format

We started with a run. The scorching afternoon heat made it more difficult than normal. However, the discomfort forced me to pay extra attention to my breathing. Focusing on your breathing rhythm can serve as a good distraction. I also have to have my music to keep me going.

After the run, we went through a range of stretches and movements to make sure our joints were properly warmed up. Then we did 10 minutes of skipping. I skipped with a heavy rope which burns your shoulders but it helps to build endurance in the muscles. After skipping we moved onto shadow work and also practiced some techniques on each other.

Being well and truly warm after all of that, we moved onto rounds on pads followed by some work on the bag. We did pushups and sit ups in between rounds, which is standard Muay Thai practice. We finished off with some light, one-for-one sparring to practice movements and techniques. We did it without gloves and shin pads because it’s controlled. It also helps with conditioning.

I will be training this way in the lead up to my trip to Bangkok, where training will be twice a day. And also, no doubt, in the heat.

Stay tuned for updates. I will be sharing them on my website and YouTube channel.


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