HDH 92 Karla Benitez vs. Naomi Gonzales
Hombres de Honor 92 Madrid: Karla Benitez vs. Naomi Gonzales

HDH 91 Madrid

Hombres de Honor 91 takes place at Roller Center in Madrid, Spain on Sunday February 18. The event is the first show out of two-event schedule World Kickboxing Network announced last month. It precedes HDH 93 held on March 10 on Canary Islands.

The fight card of the upcoming show includes two WKN International title bouts. In addition to a previously announced main event bout featuring Spanish middleweight Enoc Solves Torres up against Artem Shokalo of Ukraine, the co-main event has now been formed.

Venezuela-born residing in Spain Karla Benitez (15-11) takes on Noemí Gonzales of Bolivia. The pair battles out for WKN International flyweight strap.

World Kickboxing Network launched its MMA branch in December 2016. In 2000’s, in collaboration with notorious IVC (International Vale Tudo Championship), WKN made history as the pioneer-organization to promote MMA bouts on European soil.

Promoted by Chinto Mordillo Hobres de Honor 91 follows two events in 2017, with welterweight Javier Fuentes and lightweight Julio Cesar Alves earning WKN National titles in their respective weight classes. The lineup of the upcoming show can be found below.

Middleweight Enoc Solves Torres vs. Artem Shokalo
Flyweight Karla Benitez vs. Noemi Gonzales

Parviz Iskenderov
Parviz Iskenderov is a Muay Thai fighter from Perth, Australia. He is a former National champion of Belarus, and also a finalist of IFMA European Cup. He is an editor and journalist at FIGHTMAG. Iskenderov is also the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) international coordinator for Australia.


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