John Wayne Parr says JCVD was the hero who inspired him

JWP: Ever have a hero that changed your life forever

More life news hit the stream with Australian Muay Thai fighter John Wayne Parr. Following the post on the first day of 2018, featuring the one and only Ramon “Diamond” Dekkers, “The Gunslinger” unveiled a throwback photograph, dedicated to Kickboxer himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

“Back when I was 14yo Van Damme was life,” Parr wrote in the caption. “I think at one stage I had approx 25 posters that covered my bedroom wall and owned any t-shirt with his face on it.”

“Very sad looking back. But he was the hero that inspired me to be the martial artist I am today.”

In 1993 JWP met his hero JCVD. FIGHTMAG shared a very rare photo of the two back in 2014.

“Ever have a hero that changed your life forever. This guy [JCVD] laid the foundation for what I wanted to become with the movie Kickboxer. Go to Thailand, work your way up the ranks, then one day fight the most fearsome Thai,” Parr wrote in the comment four years ago.

Over the course of his career John Wayne Parr won ten world titles. This year he aspires to 100th victory in his career.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is the A-list celebrity and Martial Artist. The Kickboxer (1989) movie is arguably a cult classic. The resume of the Belgian actor also includes such pictures as Bloodsport (1988), Lionheart (1990), Universal Soldier (1992), among others.

Misagh Norouzi
Misagh Norouzi is a Muay Thai fighter from Perth, Australia. He is an author at FIGHTMAG.


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