Lilian Dikmans Muay Thai training
Muay Thai training: Week 1 / Lilian Dikmans

Week 1 of training

The first week of training is always the hardest. Until your body starts to adapt it can be a very painful process. Mentally, it’s no walk in the park either.

As I wrote in my previous post, I’m here in Perth to start proper Muay Thai training for 2018 before heading to Bangkok. I am training at Kao Sok in Forrestdale. It has been a while since my last training camp. Back home in Melbourne, I train most days but the sessions tend to be shorter to fit in with my schedule. Training here in Perth goes for about two hours every day so my body has to get used to longer sessions again.

Muscle soreness

The first effect of training for me is always soreness in my calves. Running, skipping and then remaining on your toes throughout training is what causes it. By the third day of training, I could barely hold my weight up on the balls of my feet. But I dealt with it the best I could and thankfully now into the second week my calves are fine and feel a bit stronger.

Soreness has now moved into other parts of my body, but I am making sure I stretch every day and get a good sleep each night. Along with eating well, these are the things that help me to recover.

Mental game

For me, the most frustrating part of embarking on a new training camp is accepting that your body isn’t in peak condition. I know what my body needs to do, but it doesn’t always come out that way.

This past week we spent some time working on elbows, which is a skill that I need to work on. Elbows were excluded under the rules for my fights to date so I am yet to use them in practice. Intellectually, I understand how they need to be executed but my body isn’t cooperating yet. It is incredibly frustrating but I know I need to build up the muscle memory which comes with practice.

The good news is that every day I have felt some small improvement. It is a process. You need to just keep going and not get deterred. I’ll be sharing my reflections on week 2 of training soon.


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