Muay Thai training diary: second week

The best part about week two of Muay Thai training here in Perth was feeling the improvements from week one. Although there will always be new challenges each week, taking note of improvements helps to keep you motivated. At the end of the day, for me it’s the learning and progression that makes the hard work worth it.

I’m here in Perth, training at Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym in Forrestdale, before heading to Bangkok for a two-week training camp. If you read my previous post, one of the main focuses during my first week of training was elbow technique.

Muay Thai elbows

As I mentioned before, I hadn’t trained elbows much in the past because they were excluded under the rules of my past fights. However, they are one of the highest scoring weapons in Muay Thai and no doubt useful to know for general self defense. You can break your hand if you try to punch someone who is attacking you. Elbows, on the other hand, are solid bone.

Looking back at footage on pads from my first week of training, I can see my technique improving. As much as it can be a frustrating exercise, watching footage of yourself training is a really useful way to see where you’re going wrong and what you need to work on. Your trainer can tell you what needs to be done, but there is no substitute for actually seeing it yourself.

The fitness gains from week one have also made things a lot easier going into week two. I have hated having to run and then skip for 10 minutes at the beginning of every training session, but I have to admit it has helped a lot. It hurts every time with muscle soreness, but my calves and feet have definitely gotten stronger. Since so much of your power comes from your feet, this is a good thing.

As I write this, I’m currently half way through week three here in Perth and getting ready to leave for Bangkok next week. I will keep you updated here and on my Instagram.