Junior Tafa: Samoans descended from Hercules


GLORY 50 Chicago

Australian kickboxer Junior Tafa (18-1) battles out at GLORY 50 Chicago held on Saturday February 17. The event takes place at UIC Pavillion, featuring two championship bouts, a series of super fights, as well as the four-man heavyweight tournament.

The-21-year-old Tafa partakes in the knockout contest, going up against Brazilian Guto Inocente (34-8) in one of the semi-finals. If successful, later on the same night, he will meet either Benjamin Adegbuyi (28-4) of Romania or D’Angelo Marshall (17-2) of Curacao, who battle out in another semi-final.

Ahead of the event, a promotional video emerged, featuring the Australian fighter Junior Tafa, who comes from Samoan stock.

“Us Samoans are built for it. I believe we are descended from Hercules himself!” says Tafa.

“Look at all the top fighters like Ray Sefo to Joseph Parker to Mark Hunt to David Tua. We’re built for it…”

“I believe we are the best fighters because we’re built with something you can’t teach: heart.”

Moreover, he reveals that his grandfather was one of the very first Samoa’s professional boxers. In addition, his two brothers are the fighters as well.

“My grandpa was one of the first Samoans ever to travel to fight. The whole village would walk to the center of the country with him to watch, or the village would stop to listen to the radio when he fought,” he says.

“I’m one of three brothers, we’re all best mates… We all fight too – my older brother is in MMA but my younger brother only fights when he wants some money!”


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