Watch: Saenchai head kick knockout at Thai Fight Bangkok


Head kick KO

The ability to send your opponent to the canvas with a spectacular head kick – is a skill. It certainly requires flexibility, co-ordination and balance (stability on your feet). In addition, timing and accuracy – is definitely a must, otherwise you will be most likely kicking sky.

The featured video is from this past Saturday when the King of Muaythai Saenchai battled out at the Thai Fight Bangkok event, going up against Brazilian Henrique Muller. The pair met in the final round of the super light weight tournament. The scheduled for three rounds championship ended in the third, when Thai star landed a spectacular left kick to the head.

Competing at the 66-67 kg class, the 1 m 66 cm height Saenchai predominately faces much taller opponents. Nevertheless he delivers.

In addition here is FIGHTMAG Top 3 head kick knockouts of the last year. The list includes Yohan Lidon of France, John Wayne Parr of Australia and Rade Opacic of Serbia.

My personal passion for head kicks is explained in the 2014 trailer which you can watch here. The next Thai Fight event is expected to be announced in the near future. Expect knockouts.