ProKick Kickboxing Stormont Hotel
International kickboxing returns to Nothern Ireland with ProKick gala at Stormont Hotel Belfast

Made-in ProKick

An upcoming edition of ProKick Kickboxing takes place at Stormont Hotel in Belfast on February 17. The Saturday Fight Night Special promoted by Billy Murray features the A-list representatives of Northern Ireland, international competitors, as well as the prestigious WKN Irish title contested on the night.

In addition to a previously revealed four-fight main card, the nine-fight under card has been announced, with eight match ups confirmed to date. The roster includes amateur and novice competitors in Full – and Light Contact bouts.

In the main event the representative of the country-host “Karate Queen” Cathy McAleer faces Polish Champion Martyna Ciaskowska. The WKN International bout at women’s flyweight is scheduled for three rounds in oriental kickboxing (K-1 rules).

The co-main event features Rowena Bolt of Northern Ireland up against the current IKF Irish champion Kerry Doyle. The pair battles out for WKN Irish women’s flyweight title in Full Contact.

Also on the card welterweight Johnny Smith goes up against Eric McCormack in All-Ireland prestige bout. The current lineup can be found below.

Main card
Flyweight Cathy McAleer vs. Martyna Ciaskowska
Flyweight Rowena Bolt vs. Kerry Doyle
Welterweight Johnny Smith vs. Eric McCormack
Super welterweight Salman Shariati vs. Patryn Klak

Grace Goody vs. Jade Molloy
Matthew Kerr vs. Joe Campbell
Vasil Ivanov vs. Stephen Brien
David Rose vs. Paul Lynn
David Balog vs. Michael McKay
Rachel McCarta vs. TBA
Joshua Madden vs. Ben Flattery
Jay Snodden vs. Filip Nowak
James Braniff vs. Krill Eagan