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As I’m on my way to Sydney for yet another Carnage Seminar I have learnt to use the time on my flights to reflect and create. It has been great and gives me the opportunity to take the time out and write about various topics. I felt it was appropriate to write about the constant development of my teaching for over the past 4 years, since retiring from the professional Muay Thai fight game.

There is nothing ever new that is really created by now in the stand up fighting sport that hasn’t been used and/or tested in true combat. But you will often see so many people putting their own combos together, or what they like to call it now as ‘flow’.

There is limitless ways to build combos and make things look good for visual eye, and even in some cases there are added benefits to doing such things. Although, the problem is the student and/or the teacher sometimes has no real clue about true application of fighting.

The beauty of traveling the world these past years has given me the opportunity to teach my techniques and really test them out to see if they work or don’t work. Plus I have been able to witness and see other ways of movement and teachings.

One of the most rewarding things I have learnt from teaching is that everyone is individual. Where some people can really understand the movement, and others can understand it too, but it’s just not in their own way of doing things for it, to ever actually work for them.

Each year or often weekly I refine the things that I know, so that the students can fully understand it, and also feel with enough practice – they will be able to implement into their game. The art of teaching does not only depend on the physical teachings but the mental. With some students we even go deeper to the spiritual side of it all.

Carnage Seminars

My Carnage Seminars are all about teaching and inspiring people with knowledge of fighting techniques, and also the mindset required behind being a martial artist, warrior. Not all students will want the depth and its OK for them to just obtain the physical component of fighting.

Although I find myself personally with all my private clients that they are after far more than just a physical movement. They look for ways to apply the powerful mindset of being a champion, leader, role model to their existing lives, without having being a professional fighter to apply such things.

Teach – Inspire – Motivate

I feel it’s important to work on all levels. But going to the fighting skills aspect of it, I have been enjoying teaching real application techniques. Although there are reasons for long number combinations and if understood why and how it is broken down, they are a great way to mix up your training.

But the biggest problem is nobody explains it. So I have focused more on teaching people in my seminars what works and how to do it. Naturally nothing will work without constantly working with it and applying it to your daily practice.

I look forward to developing more and more of the coming years and hope to be of service and benefit to those that cross my path. Thank you and keep training.