Watch: Eminem boxing in ‘River’ trailer


Eminem – River (Trailer: Boxing) ft. Ed Sheeran

If you have ever wondered how Eminem would look like inside the square circle, now your dreams come true. In 2015 “The King of Rap” has reportedly helped inspire, moreover was meant to play the lead role in Southpaw (2015) boxing drama. He was though replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal who portrayed Billy Hope in the movie that makes you cry.

Eminem however released two singles for the film: ‘Phenomenal’ and ‘Kings Never Die’ ft. Gwen Stefani.

Mid December last year Eminem released his new album “Revival”. Among the songs, “River” ft. Ed Sheeran has arguably become one of the most popular. It is indeed played quite often on the radio, at least here Down Under.

On Wednesday (Thursday in the US) the trailer for the official “River” video hit stream. This is where Eminem appears inside the ring, punches bag and shadow boxing.

“The official video for Eminem’s “River” featuring Ed Sheeran premieres February 14th [February 15th in Australia]. Listen to ‘River’ on the album Revival” stated in the description.

“Hi Suzanne / Bye Suzanne. #River 10AM EST VDAY TOMORROW,” says the caption to the trailer posted on Eminem’s Instagram.