LNK Fight Night Riga
LNK Fight Night 6: Gorlov vs. Aquino

LNK Fight Night 6: Gorlov vs. Aquino

The sixth edition of LNK Fight Night takes place at Arena Riga, Latvia on March 17. The event promoted by Vadim Milov and Eugene Sapronenko features a series of boxing, kickboxing and MMA bouts with WKN title contested on the night.

“The first LNK Boxing event was organized in February 2017 as a presentation of our new gym in the Riga Olympic Centre,” Vadim Milov told FIGHTMAG. “We are two partners with Eugene Sapronenko, who started with opening three boxing gyms in Riga.”

“Eugene is Olympic vice champion in gymnastics. He has a network of gyms for gymnastics in Baltic States and in Russia.”

“Our goal is to popularize boxing in Latvia. Build modern boxing gyms and raise boxing champions both Olympic and professional, following the lead of Mairis Briedis, who is making Latvia famous around the world.”

“Latvia is a small country, many people never heard of it. So Sport is one way to make the country recognizable in the world.”

The highlight of LNK Fight Night 6 features Latvian Arhur Gorlov up against German Neil Aquino. The pair battles out for WKN International title. The super cruiserweight bout is scheduled for three rounds in oriental kickboxing (K-1 rules).

The resume of Gorlov includes the battles against Pavel Turuk, Francis Javier Jorge, Guo Wenjie, among others. Aquino went up against the likes of Mihalis Karamusketas, Raymond Bonte, Petr Vondracek.

“The best Latvian boxers are of course Mairis Briedis, Ricards Bolotniks, Nikolajs Grisunins, Andrejs Podusovs. Best kickboxers are Gorlov and Gluhov.

“We decided to put MMA and Kickboxing in the mix because we wanted to bring more people to our shows. So we bring all famous Latvian fighters together.”

President of World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera aspires to help the promotion in its growth and international development of combat sports in Latvia. The upcoming event follows his journey to Riga last November.

“The level of boxing in Latvia is still not so high to put together a quality show just with boxers,” said Milov. “Plus there are fans of MMA and Kickboxing who can also become fans or boxing after visiting our show.”

The roster at LNK Fight Night 6 is also expected to feature the likes of Richard Bolotnik, Konstantin Gluhov, Nikolay Grishinin, Martins Egle, Hasan Maziyev, Andrei Podusov, Jan Ziedin, Stas Makarenko, Edgar Freimanis.