Muay Thai Carnage: Leg Kicker

The art of Muay Thai is known globally for its powerful weapons of kicks, knees and elbows with their unbelievable conditioning


As a young man I started in Karate which was a wonderful place to start Martial Arts. It has taught me so much about life other than just fighting techniques.

Along my journey as a Martial Artist I found Muay Thai and was drawn to the devastation of the low kicks and the raw power that was delivered by doing them correctly. My first Muay Thai teacher was really big on chopping the leg and making sure the same spot was hit every time you landed the leg kick causing massive damage. Over time people started to use less low kicks due to the shin clashes that can accrue. As ever weapon has an opposite, so you know what can happen when the low kick lands. So you better learn how to block equality as well.

It only takes to kick, say a boxer or a low level MMA fighter, a few times for them to realize the damage that can happen; and for people to see the true devastation of Muay Thai low kicks. But as a seasoned professional fighter it isn’t so easy to always land the low kick properly with enough power to finish the fight. It takes hours of bag and pad work to get the low kick doing its thing. It also requires timing and the knowledge of best time to use it, and to land it without being hit back.

The low kick is a weapon that is basic in its level of technical difficulty. Being that it doesn’t require huge amounts of flexibility or balance to kick low. But to do the kick off other techniques – like sharp boxing or even after elbow strikes – you must learn how to position your feet and move in or out, depending on the range at the moment of attack.

This video from 2013 while training in Thailand shows you ways to time your distance and range on being able to kick with power. The Muay Thai low kick is the most powerful low kick. So get it right and you have yourself a powerful weapon.


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