WKN returns to Thailand
World Kickboxing Network returns to Phuket

WKN is back in Phuket on April 10

Prestigious sport’s governing WKN returns to the birth place of “The Art of Eight Limbs” on Tuesday April 10. The upcoming event takes place in Phuket, making it the fifth promotion the organization has held in Thailand since 2016.

“World Kickboxing Network returns to the Kingdom of Thailand with the fifth event produced on April 10. The upcoming happening takes place on Phuket Island, following two promotions held last year in Bangkok,” stated in the announcement on Friday. “The previous WKN event in Phuket was held in June 2016 featuring Tofan Pirani winning WKN Asian championship against Cambodian Kendam Suthai.”

The debut was made at Rawai Stadium back in Phuket, preceding a promotion in Pattaya and two events held in the country’s capital, Bangkok, last year. WKN Inter-continental and Asian titles were contested at these events. The likes of Hamid Reza Hejazi, Ebrahim Khazaei, Tsuyoshi Haruo, Nobuhiro Tsurumaki, among others, battled it out for the belts.

The match ups of the upcoming show are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. We will have more information as soon as it becomes available.


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