John Wayne Parr talks Caged Muay Thai

Muay Thai in the Cage

Caged Muay Thai is a hybrid ‘sport’. It features muaythai rules in the Octagon, with the fighters battling it out in MMA gloves. The concept has been presented by the Australian fighter John Wayne Parr in 2012.

“I’ve been fighting in the ring for over a hundred fights. I’ve seen this guys on TV fighting in the cage, and it always seemed like the ultimate arena to participate,” says Parr in a new clip emerged on Friday. “I got a little bit jealous. So I’ve put Muay Thai into a cage with MMA gloves.”

“I am just very happy to be the innovator for all these Muay Thai people who want to try step out of their comfort zone and take it to the next level. And give the fans what they want to see.”

The tenth edition of Caged Muay Thai was held last August in Brisbane. The event featured a series of international bouts, with JWP scoring a unanimous decision against Irish James Heelan in the main event.

In his next outing on April 6 Parr makes his third appearance at Bellator Kickboxing 9 held in Bucharest, facing off an opponent whose name has not yet been announced. Caged Muay Thai 11 is expected to be scheduled after this event.

Misagh Norouzi
Misagh Norouzi is a Muay Thai fighter from Perth, Australia. He is an author at FIGHTMAG.


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