Ronda Rousey says UFC return is as likely as going back to another Olympics

Ronda Rousey describes WWE as Big Team

Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey appeared on The Ellen Show. She spoke about her new venture in the ring, and how to “mean mug” while intimidating opponents.

The new journey inside the square circle is the next chapter in her career with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Rousey made her debut in earlier this year, and is expected to appear at WrestleMania 34 scheduled on April 8 in New Orleans. When asked whether she would ever go back to UFC, women’s MMA superstar said it was as likely as to against participate in Judo Olympics.

“I don’t know,” said Rousey. “I think it’s just as likely as me going back to another Olympics for judo.

Talking WWE, Ronda Rousey described it as a ‘big team’. She reflected on her previous experiences when was a swimmer, did judo and fought inside the Octagon.

“No one demanded a written resignation from me for judo and I don’t really think the same thing is necessary for fighting. I’m just doing what I enjoy and WWE is what I enjoy right now.”

“It’s like a team,” she said. “I’ve never been on a team my whole life. I was a swimmer, that was alone. I did judo, that was alone. I was a fighter, that was alone.”

“With WWE, it’s like a big team. Everybody is working together to try to make it as great as possible.”