STB 18 Poprad: Dylan Colin vs Vladimir Idranyi – full fight video

Vladimir Idranyi vs. Dylan Colin – WKN Super Middleweight title

Kickboxing series Simply the Best 18 was produced on March 16 at Arena Poprad. The event featured the ten-fight mixed-bill with WKN world title contested in the main event.

Slovakian Vladimir Idranyi and French Dylan Colin went head to head during the five rounds of championship bout. The pair battled out for World Kickboxing Network super middleweight belt.

The result saw the judges decision going in favor of the guest out of France. Dylan Colin was pronounced as a new champion in the division, taking a prestigious strap.

The highlight reel of the event was released earlier this week. On Saturday the promotion hit stream with a full fight video of the main event posted on Facebook. The complete STB 18 Poprad results can be found here.

In addition, this year Slovakian promoter of “Simply the Best” Lukas Bodyy aspires to produce two episodes in the country. The next edition is expected to be held in the city Kosice, which hosted Episode 16 last October. We will have more information as soon as it becomes available.