Carnage Diary: Move to the US

Carnage USA Transition

My move to America was first inspired because of the lack of Muay Thai in Australia. The golden era lasted from 2002 to 2012.

I was of course at the top of my game over those years, amongst other local talents we had. It was also the time when Fox Sports televised the big fight shows. We also had “The Voice” Michael Schiavello who has become famous for his one liners and memorable commentary, along side “The Hammer” Mark Castagnini.

Since retiring I traveled all over the World looking for my next opportunity. What is next for the Carnage, Nathan Corbett.

I had so many great experiences teaching seminars all over; and kept coming back home to Australia and seeing the opportunities not being so strong. Especially on the Gold Coast, which has been known for some of the strongest Muay Thai fighters in the country.

Late last year I decided that it was time to move on from my home town of the Gold Coast and start a new chapter in the US. On the 2nd of April I take off from Australia making America my new home for some time ahead.

I am starting by hosting a three-month seminar tour all over the USA, which gives me a great foundation to continue evolving my Carnage Striking System brand, and of course meet and greet so many people. I am going to make contacts with other parts of our sports in commentary, talk-shows and more; making my name a household name in America as in Australia. Although now as a teacher rather than a fighter from my past.

America has 350 million people. So the industry is much bigger than in Australia, based on the volume of people. But also they are way more behind in Muay Thai than we are as a whole.

I love my country but it’s time for me to move forward to the next level and create new opportunities. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and given a “Carnage” shoutout over the years. I look forward to inspiring everyone now from a different seat, as I further my career as a teacher and leader.