Tereza Dvorakova faces Christin Fiedler
Tereza Dvorakova at Girl Power 4 Varna

WKN Czech Republic

World Kickboxing Network (WKN) returns to Czech Republic on May 31. The country is well-know thanks to such stars as Ondrej Hutnik, Petr Vondracek, Tomas Hron, Matous Kohout. In addition, three episodes of Simply the Best have been produced in the capital city Prague during the last three season.

The upcoming event takes place in Kladno, which is the biggest city in the Central Bohemian Region. The event features a series of bouts with two WKN titles contested on the night.

The highlight of the show is the women’s kickboxing bout between Czech Tereza Dvorakova and Austrian Christin Fiedler. The pair battles out for WKN International featherweight title.

Tereza Dvorakova is the winner of kickboxing tournament Girl Power 4 Varna held last October. Her resume includes the wins against Pernille Schjonning, Merima Basic, Joana Nwamerue, among others. In addition she took on French star Mallaury Kalachnikoff last September in Saint-Raphael.

Christin Fiedler is known for her battles against Nikol Gruberova, Madeleine Vall, among others.

The Dvorakova vs. Fiedler bout is scheduled for three rounds.

Also on the card Alen Kapetanovic faces his Czech-fellow Jakub Ibl. The contest is for WKN Czech heavyweight title.

Featherweight Tereza Dvorakova vs. Christin Fiedler
Heavyweight Alen Kapetanovic vs. Jakub Ibl