Nathan “Carnage” Corbett documentary by Ballast Films

Known as “Carnage”, Nathan Corbett is the former eleven-time World Champion from the Gold Coast, Australia. He is one of the most recognizable Westerners ever competed in Muay Thai.

Over the course of his career Corbett knocked 44 opponents out in 59 victorious bouts out of 65 fights in total. His resume includes the victories against Pavel Zhuravlev, Steve McKinnon, Clifton Brown, Frank Munoz, Stephane Susperregui, among others. He has also fought twice “The King of the Ring” Tyrone Spong, as well as went up against kickboxing legend turned UFC fighter Gokhan Saki.

Behind the Carnage (2018) was produced by Ballast Films. The producer, host and writer of the film is Dylan Zack. The directors are Jared Bazley and Kyrin Bazley, who are also the director of photography and editor (respectively).

In the film Corbett reflects back on his career, and shares what made him start Martial Arts. He reminisces winning his first world title, moving up the weight classes and more. He also talks post-retirement, injuries and depression.

In conclusion, dubbed as the “Elbow Master” or the “Man with the Golden Elbows”, “Carnage” Corbett shows Dylan some of his signature moves. The devastating elbow-strikes.

In the recent blog post in “Carnage Diary” Nathan Corbett announced his move to the USA. Under the slogan of “Teach, Inspire, Motivate” he continues his path of a teacher started in 2014.