Simply the Best Kickboxing
Jorge "Acero" Cali (l) and Cristian Bosch (r) presents Simply the Best Kickboxing in Argentina

Five WKN events scheduled live on FOX Sports Latin America

Simply the Best Kickboxing returns to South America with Episode 19 scheduled for May 18. The event is held in Buenos Aires, making its fifth Argentine edition, following STB 15 Moreno and three series produced in Caseros.

Furthermore, the upcoming event starts a new kickboxing series live on FOX Sports LA. Five Episodes have been reportedly locked in with the network.

The promoter of the event is the former kickboxing World Champion famed Jorge “Acero” Cali, who collaborates with WKN Argentine Office and Team Bosch. The upcoming fight show is subtitled as “Estrellas de Acero”, which translates from Spanish as “Steel Stars”.

WKN President Stephane Cabrera visits Argentina in May. Several meetings with the promoters and FOX Sports LA representatives have been scheduled in order to assist the upcoming event.

The match ups have not yet been announced. However FIGHTMAG learned that three international title fights are expected on the card, with the likes of Cristian Bosch, Pablo Roa and Martin Velasco. We will have more information as soon as it becomes available.