Watch: Muay Thai Premier League ‘Into the Fire’

Throwback Muay Thai

Muay Thai Premier League emerged in September 2011. It quickly evolved into arguably the leading promotion to stage international events featuring some of the most prominent representatives of “The Art of Eight Limbs” at that time. Several shows were held in the US and Europe with such stars as Buakaw Banchamek of Thailand, Nathan “Carnage” Corbett of Australia, Nieky Holzken of Holland, among others, battling out in Long Beach, California, Padova, Italy and Hague, Netherlands.

Back in 2011 the promotion released “Into the Fire” teaser trailer. This month Episodes 1 and 2 hit stream with the video posted on YouTube.

“This beautifully shot series travels throughout the world, giving the viewer an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the life of the professional Muay Thai athletes… Their struggles, triumphs, and stories are told, as they continue their quest to make history and become the MPL World Champion,” says the series description.

In addition, several bouts featured on the MPL cards have been released to date. The list includes Simon Marcus up against Artem Vakhitov, Artem Levin faces off David Keclik, Yohan Lidon vs. Vladimir Moravcik and others.

MPL ‘Into the Fire’ Ep. 3 as well as other bouts are expected to be released in the coming weeks.