Top Sangmorakot presents ‘Real Hero’ Muay Thai event Bangkok

Real Hero: 8-man Muay Thai Tournament

Real Hero is a new series of Muay Thai tournaments produced in the Thailand city capital, Bangkok, by Top Sangmorakot. Each event features eight international competitors, battling it out in a one-night knockout contest. To take all, the contender has to collect three victories during one evening, in the format of a single-elimination tournament: quarter-final, semi-final and final.

Nevertheless, the ‘Real Hero’ tournaments are not as typical as it may appear at first. The bouts are scheduled for one round only. The duration of such round is as many as five minutes. As a result, the fighter is searching for that crucial KO to eliminate his opponent and proceed to the following round injury free.

Real Hero is a weekly series that airs on Thai Channel 34 HD on Sunday. Every episode is a tournament in a different weight class. The list of participants includes the representatives of the country-host as well as international opponents, coming from Ukraine, Brazil, China and other countries. The winner of each tournament gets 100,000 baht which is approximately $4,200 AUD.

Top Sangmorakot is a famed Muay Thai trainer of Thailand. For a number of years he has lived in Perth, Australia, coaching fighters such as Daniel “The Rock” Dawson, Misagh Norouzi, among others. Currently based in Thailand, he runs Sangmorakot Gym in Bangkok, visited by many Westerners, including Australian model Lilian Dikmans.