Simply the Best 20 Cordoba penciled for June 9 live on FOX Sports LA

Simply the Best Kickboxing

Kickboxing series Simply the Best is expected to visit Argentine city Cordoba with Episode 20 on June 9, WKN announced via Twitter on Saturday. The event follows an upcoming STB 19 Buenos Aires scheduled for May 18 live on FOX Sports Latin America.

Simply the Best 20 Cordoba is the second Episode of a new series of fight shows “Estrellas de Acero”, which translates from Spanish as “Steel Stars”. The events are produced by the former World Kickboxing Network Super Cruiserweight champion, famed Jorge “Acero” Cali.

STB 20 will be the sixth series produced in the country dubbed as South American capital of kickboxing. It will be also a debut in Cordoba, which is a capital of the Argentine province of the same name, known for its Spanish colonial architecture. It is also the place where “Acero” Cali made his fourth title defense in 2010, scoring the second-round knockout win Brazilian Adul Ranmhemavo.

More information is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Simply the Best 19 Buenos Aires is headlined by the defending WKN International light heavyweight champion Argentine Crsitian Bosch up against Colombian Andres Dussan. The pair meets in the championship rematch.