Watch: Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett Muay Thai training in the US

Nathan Corbett aka ‘Carnage”” is the former world heavyweight champion in Muay Thai. For over a decade “Elbow Master” has held the title, and represented Australia internationally. Earlier this year he moved to the US, starting a new chapter of his career as a trainer.

Over the last four weeks Corbett hosted a number of “Carnage Striking” seminars across the country. If you’ve ever wondered what the retired elite fighters are busy with in their free-of-work time, here is one of the answers. They train.

“When I’m not teaching I’m training,” ‘Carnage’ Corbett captioned one of the clips posted on Instagram on Thursday. The video shows him on Thai pads, showcasing various Muay Thai technique, including his signature, elbow-strikes.

The second clip captioned as “Muay Thai leg kicks…”. It reflects the blog post Corbett wrote in ‘Carnage Diary’┬áin February.

“The low kick is a weapon that is basic in its level of technical difficulty. Being that it doesn’t require huge amounts of flexibility or balance to kick low,” Corbett stated. “But to do the kick off other techniques – like sharp boxing or even after elbow strikes – you must learn how to position your feet and move in or out, depending on the range at the moment of attack.”

In addition, a short documentary Behind the Carnage with Dylan Zack was released early April. The film is dedicated to one of the most recognizable Westerners ever competed in Muay Thai, Nathan Corbett.


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