Carnage Diary: Muay Thai Seminar Tour throughout USA

Carnage Striking System

It has just been over a month since my arrival in the US. Things are going well with the Carnage Seminars, making new friendships and business relationships.

I’ve launched the Seminar Tour in North Hollywood at Muay Thai USA. It was a great place to kick it all off with a passionate gym full of enthusiasts. The seminar was filmed for a future documentary, as I’ve started my new journey in life with my new home being America, where I will be teaching fighters and students all across the country my Elbow Striking System.

Next big seminar was in a Denver, a place I had not visited yet before. On my arrival early morning it blessed me with snow, which was amazing to see for the first time in my life. So naturally. Outside the airport I was catching snow flakes to discover what they look like and felt like up close. A real kid moment.

The seminar was at the gym called Easton Training Centre, where many UFC, GLORY and Muay Thai fighters have trained. So it was a huge turn out with lots of amazing people, loving the three hours of training.

It’s a very popular place in Denver for training camps. It’s a high altitude city, so it gives that extra lung power when at sea level.

The seminars have been great. Something that I have been really enjoying – is the amount of females that are training Muay Thai and love elbows more than the guys. So great to see them in their power and feeling strong.

My personal feelings about moving here is that, so far, I love it. Being in a country that has way more opportunities, if you want them, plus are prepared to work for it… I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months bring with the potential of having my own gym and home of the Carnage.

Next stop is Austin Texas, for a seminar and few extra days teaching private lessons, before heading up to New Jersey.