Greg Tony partakes in Fight Night Saint Tropez
Greg Tony partakes in Fight Night Saint Tropez 6 / Pic: Facebook

Greg Tony vs. Frederic Sinistra – WKN Super Heavyweight title

French heavyweight Greg Tony returns to the city of “Rich and Famous”, making his second appearance at Fight Night Saint Tropez. The annual event held on August 4, takes place at the Citadel, featuring some of the best international kickboxers, battling out in front of the VIP crowd.

Greg Tony faces Belgian heavy-hitter Frederic Sinistra who made his return to action mid April in Soumagne. The pair contests for WKN World Super Heavyweight (II) title, with the limit of 105.4 kg (232.4 lbs).

As explained, a new class has been established to lessen a large gap between the competitors of over 96.6 kg (+213 lbs) but less than 105 kg (231.4 lbs) and the over 105 kg giants, which often sees over ten kilogram weight difference inside the ring.

Tony is coming of the first-round TKO win against Bob Sapp (weigh-in brawl) taken at the previous event. His resume also includes the wins against Alen Kapetanovic, Yannick Vest, Milan Dasic, among others.

Over the course of his career Sinistra defeated the likes of Stefan Leko, Dzevad Poturak, Abdul Malik. He is also known for his battle against Badr Hari in 2009.

In addition, Tony vs. Sinistra is a rematch. The pair first met eleven years ago in Belgian municipality Esneux, where the guest of France took the decision.

Fight Night Saint Tropez 6 is headlined by the WKN World women’s lightweight championship bout between Mallaury Kalachnikoff and Laetitia Madjene. The fight card also includes two four-man knockout contests in 70 kg and 105 kg divisions. The current lineup can be found below.

Fight Night Saint Tropez 6 lineup

Lightweight Mallaury Kalachnikoff vs. Laetitia Madjene
Super Heavyweight Gregory Tony vs. Frederic Sinistra

80 kg four-man tournament
Yohan Lidon (France)
Cyril Benzaquen (France)
Giuseppe De Domenico (Italy)
Erik Matejovsky (Slovakia)

105 kg four-man tournament
Stephane Susperregui (France)
Arnold Oborotov (Lithuania)
Pavel Voronin (Moldova)


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