IFMA Muaythai Worlds 2018 Cancun
IFMA Muaythai Worlds 2018: Chomanee Yadrun Tehiran up against Rachael Kavanagh / Pic: IFMA

IFMA Muaythai World Championships 2018

IFMA Muaythai World Championships 2018 is held in Cancun, Mexico from Thursday May 10 to Saturday May 19. The event is a ten-day competition with 78 Nations participating.

Following the opening round, the second day of the bouts featured a series of women’s and men contests. Some of the notable Muay Thai competitors squared off inside the square circle, aspiring to advance to the next level and challenge for medals.

Among the bouts, famed Thai Yadrung Tehiran, commonly known as Chomanee, battled out against Australian Rachel Kavanagh. The women’s 54 kg bout ended in favor of the representative of Thailand, who scored the decision.

Also on the day Isa Tidbald Keskikangas of Sweden defeated Nili Block of Israel. The bout was a rematch following their encounter at The World Games 2017 last July in Poland.

In addition, Argentine Lola Russo defeated Cristina Porras Herrera of Costa Rica. Anaelle Angerville of France defeated Erin Jimenez of USA. The complete results and scoring can be found at


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