Vlog: Visiting WKN Europe with Lilian Dikmans


Europe – Ep 1 ‘En Route’ (Blog)

Taking off to Europe early last week was indeed a long journey all the way from Australia. Making a three-hour in stop in Dubai, where we still worked, reporting on IFMA Muay Thai Worlds in Cancun, we finally landed in Warsaw on Wednesday.

Our work-and-holiday trip includes visiting Poland, Belgium and Greece. This is where some of the well-known World Kickboxing Network personalities and my good friends are based.

Poland is in the books. We are currently in the Belgian city capital Brussels, known for the Manneken Pis. Up next is Athens where the first modern Olympics were held in 1896.

On Sunday Lilian posted a new blog on her website, outlining some of the activities we undertook in Poland. The next vlog will hit the stream in a day or so, featuring the highlight moments of visiting Warsaw and Sosnowiec, and meeting “SuperKick” himself Cezary Podraza, who is the first in history WKN Kickboxing World Champion.