Vlog: Athens ft. Stefanos Konstantinidis of The Battle by WKN


WKN Greece

Following our visit to Belgian city capital Brussels, where we’ve caught up with my old friend, legendary Osman Yigin, we ventured to Athens, Greece for a two-day stay. This is where the famed “The Battle by WKN” is held.

Earlier this week Lilian posted a blog on her website, outlining some of the things and places we have visited while there. The vlog footage featured in this post is an additional highlight of our trip.

The Greek city capital is way different from the islands. I am not going to go into the details, as everyone can figure for themselves, if visiting Athens as well as other territories. However, I can say it was pretty cool.

Following our “self made” tour across Acropolis, we’ve caught up with the man himself, Stefanos Konstantinidis. It was a nice friendly dinner “a la WKN Family” with great food and laughs.

In addition to promoting the No.1 Greek Fight Show, Stefanos appears as the most famous TV presenter and journalist in the country. His phone never stops ringing, since the “show must go on”.

Up next was a return to Warsaw, Poland, where we’ve attended Sarara vs. Mozny for WKN Super Heavyweight title, on behalf of World Kickboxing Network. Here is Lilian Dikmans’ blog post, following her presentation of World Championship belt live on TV. The additional footage will be released in the coming days.