Vlog: Sarara vs. Mozny – WKN Super Heavyweight title fight


Blog: Sarara vs Mozny at National Stadium Warsaw

This clip is dedicated to our second journey to Poland last week, where we have attended kickboxing world championship bout between Tomasz Sarara and Tomas Mozny. The event took place at National Stadium Warsaw, which is the largest arena in the country with the capacity of over 58,000.

At the time of the event, Lilian Dikmans was, hands down, the only Australian at the venue, and arguably in the whole Poland. She has presented a prestigious WKN championship belt live on TVP Sport HD. The reported number of sold tickets for the event was 25,000.

It was an interesting trip following our two-day stay in Athens, where we’ve met the No.1 promoter in the country Stefanos Konstantinidis. In addition, it was a “warm up” ahead of our next stop here in Perth, where World Kickboxing Network sanctions the Middleweight title fight between Australian Toby Smith and Sam Gough of England. The bout headlines a highly anticipated Domination Muay Thai 20.

It was also great to meet Slovakian Team, including Lukas Bodyy, who is a promoter of Simply the Best Kickboxing in Slovakia, as well as the top referee Josef Klein. The full video of the actual Sarara vs Mozny fight can be found here.