Chelsea Hackett faces Emily Wahby for WBC title in Brisbane
Chelsea Hackett / Pic: Facebook

Chelsea Hackett vs. Emily Wahby

For over two decades the Australian party-capital, Gold Coast, has been internationally known thanks to the likes of Nathan Corbett and ‘John’ Wayne Parr, who have competed across the Globe, challenging the best in business and winning titles. In addition, this is where the world-class Total Carnage fight night has been produced in 2012-2013. A new name recently emerged with Chelsea Hackett (15-4-3) aspiring to transition from Muay Thai to MMA.

“I’ve been training for eleven years, and fighting for seven [years] so far,” says Hackett. “My parents started me into Taekwondo, then later on, into Muay Thai.”

“My major goal in life is to get to the UFC. I will be changing over to MMA in the near future.”

“I have been practicing BJJ every night. So, very excited to follow a new path.”

Nevertheless, Hackett is scheduled for her next outing inside the square circle. Going through the ropes in Brisbane on August 18, she faces the Italian Muay Thai competitor Emily Wahby. The latter brings to the table 42 wins out of 55 fights in total. The pair battles out for WBC International Lightweight title (61.2 kg).

Hackett is a three-time Australian champion. Her resume includes the victories against Melina Yung, Leonie Macks, Victoria Callaghan, Brooke Cooper, among others. Earlier in her career she has twice earned Gold at IFMA Youth Worlds (2004, 2015).

Wahby is the WBC World Lightweight title challenger in 2016, when she went up against Bernise Alldis of England. She is well-familiar with competing overseas. Alongside fighting in her home country, the Italian fighter appeared in China, Canada, Thailand, Portugal. Over the course of her career she defeated Irena Martens, Silvia Fiore, Michela Socci and others.

The Hackett vs. Wahby bout is scheduled for five rounds.