IFMA Muay Thai European Championships
IFMA Muay Thai European Championships / Pic: Czech Fighters

IFMA European Championships 2018 in Prague – Day 2

The second round of IFMA European Championships held in Prague goes in history books as a day of efforts and determination. The event moved into a “higher gear with a number of champions aiming to defend their titles,” International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur reported on Tuesday.

“Today’s bouts were a testament to the efforts made by all European federations to develop the sport of Muay Thai,” said IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan. She especially praised the efforts made by federations to increase their female teams every year.

IFMA European Championships is an Olympic system tournament. The bouts are contested within three rounds. As a result, every second in each round counts.

“And we saw a very good example today, of how important it is never to give up in Muay Thai,” stated in the report. “A close bout saw Swedish Marcus Sundin Liljedorff and Russian Maksim Prokofev battle almost to a draw, with Sweden taking the win on split-points decision.”

“The first two rounds were scored 10 to Prokofev and 9 to Liljedorff. Round 3 was 10 to the Sweden and 8 to Russia. This meant a tie of 28-28, and the decision made by the Jury in a further vote.”

In addition, the organization outlined World Champion Ali Dogan, who advanced closer to European Gold, when he defeated Serhii Syntiuk at the 81 kg class. As well, Vital Hurkou (75kg) and Dmitry Valent (81kg) also took the wins, proceeding to the next round.

Among the women’s bouts, the likes of Nili Block, Maria Lobo, Natalia Diachkova, Valeriya Drozdova, scored the wins, consequently getting closer to medals. The full fight results are available on IFMA Live.