Rewind Ronin-Carnage Global Summer Training Camp in Montenegro


Carnage Diary: Summer Camp 2018 complete

Another successful Summer Training Camp complete, with this year being our third year in a row. The 2018 camp was held in June in the beautiful town of Tivat in Montenegro, right on the sea. It is a famous tourist destination for travelers from around the World.

The camp was 6 full days of training twice a day. After every morning session we had yoga practice to give the students some relaxation and recovery for their afternoon training.

We had 5 coaches this year. All shared together something a little different, but flowing into nicely.

There was a mixed level of students from professional fighters to beginners. All walked away with an upgrade of their skills and personal self.

As one of the head coaches I enjoyed seeing the students grow daily. After a full week of training, we all become friends. Our summer camps really bring people together from all countries and gyms, to train hard together, and of course to spar together. This is something that often doesn’t happen in our sport.

All that attended, I would like to personally thank them for their efforts and sacrifice, as it’s not everyone that has that much commitment to themselves for growth. I wish everyone the best in their coming future and look forward to seeing you again at next year’s summer training camp.