Carnage Striking: Karate and Muay Thai seminars in the UK


Carnage Diary

Following our summer training camp in Montenegro, I’ve spent five nights in the United Kingdom, running multiple Carnage Striking seminars. Now I am off to Ireland for the next six nights.

UK was a short visit, but I was blessed to put back on my Karate Gi. I taught a seminar on counter fighting and talked the discipline and honor behind the traditional Martial Art.

My favorite part about it was the amount of young kids and teens I had to share my experience and knowledge with. It felt amazing to go back to my roots to visit the feeling of Karate again.

I finished off my UK trip in Nottingham, the home of Robin Hood. My Carnage Striking, Muay Thai seminar was held at Spirit Dojo Legacy.

It was a nice way to exit the United Kingdom and leave my foot print in the central England’s Midlands region. Up next is a workshop in Helsinki, Finland where I finish my euro trip.