Round 2: Reloading, back to Muay Thai training

Muay Thai Life (Blog)

It has been just over two years since my last muay thai fight in May 2016 when I fought for WKN Australian Super Lightweight title. Let’s actually better say, the most recent bout to date. Not the final.

It was arguably a culmination of our team established a year earlier with Misagh Norouzi and Top Sangmorakot. The latter had to return to Thailand, where he runs a gym in Bangkok.

As a result, we practically ended up with no trainer, which caused a two-year lay off. Nevertheless, Misagh has returned to action last month, taking the win.

We are currently training at my original base in Perth, Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym, run by Darren Curovic. It takes an hour drive to get there, but perhaps worth it, despite taking around five hours out of your day.

The former champion out of Thailand, Sak Sangmorakot (teammate of Top), helps us with padwork. He has recently joined the trainers roster at the gym.

The featured video is from last Friday. A few steps forward.

Although, not making a statement that I’m back in the ring (who cares anyway). But one thing is for sure, we all miss that feeling of winning. Let’s see.