Muay Thai knees exercise, Round 2 with Dechsak Sangmorakot

Muay Thai left step up knee techniques

Dechsak Sangmorakot hails from Thailand. He resides in Australia, where he competes in the ring and teaches the “Art of Eight Limbs” at Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym in Perth, WA.

Round 2 is a blog series of short tutorials dedicated to the various Muay Thai techniques. The first clip filmed on Friday features the “left step up knee” strike, as well as a series of training exercises that may help improve your skills.

Among everything, the list includes shadow Muay Thai, pad work, and knees on a bag. You should as well spend time practicing with a partner, which gives a better understanding of range (distance) needed to land your knee.

This is where a step forward is required. It can follow the right cross, prior switching to the southpaw stance, (presuming you are orthodox), which would make it safer when getting closer to your opponent.

The left step up knee is likely to land either on the right side of your opponent’s body (liver) or in the middle (torso). Unless you are aiming to the chin, which is slightly a different topic. When the range is close, you can conclude with the right elbow strike, which is a technique covered in the upcoming Round 2 episode released next week.

In addition, do not forget to keep your toes pointy (like in ballet). As well, keep your right hand up.