Saenchai performs Wai khru ram muay
Saenchai performs Wai khru ram muay / Pic: Facebook

Wai Kru Wednesday with Saenchai

Saenchai is regarded as one the best Muay Thai fighters of all time, who won Lumpinee Boxing Stadium championship in four different weight classes. At the end of this month he turns 38. Nevertheless, the cartwheel kick specialist is still full of fight, and competes practically every month. His current streak is 39 consecutive victories since October 2014.

If you follow Saenchai on social media you will find a set of knockout photos from his bouts, training videos and much more. In addition, you will see the famed fighter photographed with numerous international models, including Lilian Dikmans and Mia Kang, just to name a couple. There is also always a promise to his wife, stating in the caption something like “no more photos with the pretty girls”.

Yet, today Saenchai took it to Facebook where he shared his photo, performing Ram Muay, which is a ritual performed by fighters before each bout. Topping up the bill, the post falls on the “Wai Kru Wednesday” trend popularized by Muay Thai practitioners around the Globe.

What appears to stand out is his face, which resembles a well-known photographic pose on social media known “Duck face”.

“All these Instagram models doing this face, I don’t know what the hype is about,” Saenchai wrote in the caption. “They even do it when take photo with me…”

In addition, he posted a link to his website, calling-to-action of learning “some real Muay Thai”.

Saenchai also likes soccer. And here is a clip where he gets ‘bullied’ by Buakaw Banchamek and Sudsakorn Sor. Klinmee on the football field.

On July 30 Saenchai returns to Hungary where he hosts Yokkao training seminar in the country-capital, Budapest. In his next appearance inside the square circle he is expected to battle out at Thai Fight Rayong scheduled for August 25.