Hall of Fame referee Steve Smoger
Hall of Fame referee Steve Smoger / Pic: B1B TV

Steve Smoger: Safety first, but careers matter

The referee in combat sports is the third person inside the square circle during the bout. Weather it is boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or MMA contest, the role of this character is fundamental.

In 2014 Kickboxing Planet was honored to receive its first and very own Boxing Hall of Fame referee Steve Smoger, who was appointed by World Kickboxing Network and made his debut at Girl Power series. Last year “Double S” shared his theory on when a professional fight should be stopped.

“Safety first, but careers matter,” Smoger told Daniel Austin of The FightBox Podcast. This is something that has garnered him a lot of respect from both fans and fighters alike.

The world of Muay Thai is governed by International Federation of Muaythai Amateur. The IFMA value system balances on five pillars: respect, honor, fair-play, excellence and tradition.

While the referee is most visible in the ring, their role extends beyond that. They work with other officials to support this system, and most importantly guarantee safety for every athlete. And as judges, they guarantee fair decisions.

The path of becoming a world-class referee is a long one. It involves a steady accumulation of experience and an on-going training and practice.