Singputorn Sitchansing vs. Farzad Rangrazian for WKN Asian Lightweight title
Singputorn Sitchansing vs. Farzad Rangrazian

Sitchansing vs. Rangrazian – WKN Asian Lightweight title

The World Kickboxing Network (WKN) returns to Thailand on August 20. The event takes place in Bangkok, continuing a series of championship bouts the organization has held in Pattaya, Phuket and the city-capital over the last three years.

The upcoming show features the representative of the country-host, Thai Singsamang Sitchansing up against Farzad Rangrazian of Iran. The pair battles out for WKN Asian Lightweight title. Both fighters are predominantly known for their appearances at the events produced by “MAX Muay Thai”.

“After 1 year [of] injuries and no fighting, I’m back,” Rangrazian captioned the poster of the event shared on his Instagram profile. “My next fight will be against a very tough and high ranked Thai Champion for the WKN Championship Belt in Bangkok.”

“I have always been representing Sweden all this years, but for This fight I choose to represent Iran. I’ll do my best to win this fight!”

The previous event was held last September at Ramkhamhaeng Stadium. The highlight saw middleweight Ebrahim Khazaei winning the Asian championship, when he scored the second-round knockout win against Tsuyoshi Haruo.

Lightweight Singsamang Sitchansing vs. Farzad Rangrazian