United Through Sports World Youth Forum
United Through Sports World Youth Forum / Pic: via Twitter @PepaoD

United Through Sports World Youth Forum

The “United Through Sports World Youth Forum” took place at the ESCAP Hall in Bangkok this week, culminating the programme of IFMA World Championships among young Muay Thai competitors. The event followed a successful 2018 SportAccord Convention held in the Thai city-capital, International Federation of Muaythai Amateur reported.

“On the 9th of August, the final day of the Youth Championship, IFMA joined forces once again with United Through Sports (UTS) to coordinate an exceptional forum inviting youth from over 50 sports to take part. The event was hosted by children and the audience was predominantly sports youth from around the world.”

The Forum was patronized by Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), in cooperation with the National Olympic Committee of Thailand, the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, and the Department of Physical Education. The list of topics raised at the event included the gender equality, sports and ethics, doping rules and permissions for TUEs, Health and Nutrition in sport, Non-discrimination, among others. Focusing on the youth, the speakers aspired to deliver a message of unity, education, as well as global awareness of the relevant aspects.

The Forum is featured on the list when the representatives of combat sports raise and discuss important topics at the United Nations associated events. In May 2014 the WKN Directors Billy Murray and Carl Emery spoke The PeaceFighters initiative at the 25th UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva.